Creative Plus Productions video production services

We specialise in the production of ‘how-to’, instructional video content and offer a range of comprehensive pre- and post-production services.

Our services include:

  • Concept and idea generation
  • Scripting
  • Project management
  • Team building
  • Filming
  • Editing
  • Translation
  • 360° product view
  • Post-production services

Our video production services broken down…

Concept and idea generation
We work with our experts to ensure we deliver the highest quality and most recent content.
We then create storyboards to give you an idea of what we think would work best for you.

Project management
As well as being highly creative, we are highly organised, too. Our jobs run on time and on budget.
We have dedicated project managers who offer complete peace of mind.
We’ll make the process smooth and painless.

Team building
We choose our professional presenters based on their experience. We can also draw on our
team of stylists to create the best backdrop to create the right mood.

With our range of high-end equipment we shoot with multiple cameras to ensure we
have an excellent range of footage for when we get back to the office for editing.

Post-production services
When the filming is all done, we head back to the office where our in-house video production
team bring everything together, from branding to adding subtitles to create the finished product.

Translation and foreign adaptations
With a combination of our in-house skills and our freelance language experts,
we are able to create foreign adaptations.

360° product view
We offer 360° product views using our photography turntables. These create the ultimate
product view to encourage purchases. Click here to see our portfolio of 360° product views.