Who’s who in a video production team

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The complexity of your video production will influence how big your team needs to be. A very simple production will require just a single camera operator, responsible for all the roles at their most basic level. However, a more complicated film might need a full-blown production crew. A good producer plans a shoot carefully, as […]

Video production: In-house or outsource?

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Deciding whether to produce video externally or in-house can be a tough choice. Whether you need training, instructional or promotional video, for employees, clients or consumers, there are many factors to take into account and it can be difficult if you’re not quite sure where to start. Your main objectives (that you want to reach […]

How to make instructional videos interesting

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No one wants to watch a dull video, especially an instructional one. Whether you’re using how-to videos to communicate with clients, consumers, employees, students or trainees, engaging content is key. To make any video engaging requires planning and thought. Here are our top 5 tips on how to make instructional videos interesting: 1) Understand your audience Determining […]

How to create instructional video

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Instructional, step-by-step, how-to video is helpful and effective. Whether it’s used for marketing purposes or demonstrating in-house processes, videos are a useful supplement to text. Here’s our guide on how to create instructional video. 1) Pre-plan Behind each good instructional video is a well prepared and thought-out plan. Before getting stuck in, consider: – The video’s […]

5 tips for filming an interview

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To continue our video production story, we found that using expert presenters for the step by step instructions opened up new opportunities for making interesting and informative films. Our experts are a fascinating bunch, each with a great story to tell, and we decided that it would be a shame not to catch some of […]

5 types of video for your content strategy

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OK, you know online video is huge, whether it’s created for marketing or just for fun. For businesses, the question isn’t ‘should we do video?’ but ‘what types of video should we be doing?’. Below are five video styles and types you can use to communicate effectively with your customers… 1) Product demonstrations A simple one, […]

4 reasons you should be using instructional video

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With the constantly changing digital world, it may be no surprise that by 2019 video will count for 90% of internet traffic. With this in mind, it is crucial for businesses to act now and utilise video as part of their integrated marketing strategies. So, how can you use video? There’s many types, here we […]

Tips for selecting a filming location

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If at all possible, it’s wise to visit your shoot location in advance – even if it has been chosen by your client. Here are five things that you’ll need to consider when selecting a filming location. Even if you can’t change thus, it will (hopefully!) help you with preparations and the kit you select! Tip […]

4 tips to warm up your presenter

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Isn’t it weird what a camera pointing at you can do to even the most upbeat character? Because we are often demonstrating a skill, we generally use an expert in the field rather than a professional presenter. For our profiteroles film, this worked brilliantly as Emma Marsden, our food stylist/home economist, is a seasoned demonstrator […]

What happened next?

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So, we’re very pleased with the first results of our video experiments. Next, as we’re working on a craft publication called Handcrafted for our client De Agostini they decide they want to record some video for the accompanying website featuring the techniques we are illustrating along with the projects – so, a bit of knitting, […]